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Welcome to the Wang Research Group! We hope this guide will make your transition into our group easier. This guidebook will also keep evolving with the input of new teammates. Use the following bookmarks to navigate.

Our group’s computing resources
UNT Scholarship info
Common Research Tools
Blogs and Youtube channels
Getting Settled in North Texas
Technical tips (opens new page)

Computing Resources

TACC Lonestar6 (account setup here)
TACC Stampede2 (subject to availability) 

UNT Scholarship Info

Scholarship at the College of Science and the Graduate School levels

Readings (available in group library)


How to access journals off-campus
● CrystalMaker, Vesta, VMD – crystal structure visualization
● Mendeley or Zotero – reference management
● Overleaf – online collaborative latex
Webplot digitizer
Remote desktop at UNT, Win or Mac

Earth abundance of elements (before you ask “why doesn’t everyone use compound XYZ”)
Kpoint path seeker
Phonon database by Atsushi Togo
Phonon visualization by Dr. Henrique Miranda
Bilbao Crystallographic Server
NIST-JANAF thermochemical tables
Webplot Digitizer
● How to be better at making graphs?
         1. subscribe to r/dataisbeautiful
         2. subscribe to r/dataisugly
         3. get a book by Edward Tufte

Blogs and channels

Getting Settled in North Texas

UNT Benefits website
UNT Rec Sports
Trails in Denton: link 1, link 2